Bayer Crop Science.
A new form in the future of agriculture.

A global brand that puts innovation and sustainability at the centre chooses CANENERO to launch and manage its presence on social channels.


To create an active and participatory community around Bayer's entire Crop Science division, made up of multiple brands, solutions, and applications aimed at different targets. Being able to bring all these points of view together in a single vision.


We outlined a social strategy in order to communicate brand value and enhance the value of Bayer solutions and initiatives, triggering engagement, sharing, and dialogue with Facebook page users.


Brand Activation
Content Strategy
Social Advertising
Social Media

Bayer Crop Science

Brand Activation

Think global, act local (and digital)

Bayer Crop Science implements a synergistic and integrated approach to offer genetic, defence and digital solutions in order to guarantee modern, innovative and sustainable agriculture.

In February 2022, we launched the Bayer Facebook page, adapting the global vision of the brand to our Italian context. We designed a social strategy aimed at transmitting Bayer values to a heterogeneous sector audience, made up of agricultural companies, institutions, universities and researchers.

Bayer Crop Science


In data we trust

The intended objective? To increase awareness, attract, and retain new users. We developed a strategy by starting from a study on sector communication and competitors, analyzing the main trends and themes.

In the next phase, we moved on to the creation of contents, taking care of the monthly monitoring of the related results and insights. Based on the data collected, we have gradually remodelled and refined the proposed topics and the tone of voice, to be increasingly closer and in tune with the target audience.


  • Competitor Analysis
  • Target Identification
  • Voice Pillars
  • Definition of editorial plan
  • Verbal Guidelines


Content and People

We used the Facebook page not only to inform about Bayer solutions for agriculture, but also as a vehicle to promote the more informed choices that farmers and businesses can implement: the use of digital tools, attention to safety and optimization of resources from a sustainable perspective.

Bayer Crop Science

In defining the editorial plan we put the people of the community in the foreground, proposing posts dedicated to live events and focusing on those companies that have stood out the most for their attention to innovation and digital.


  • Visual Language
  • Content Development
  • Art Direction
  • Community Management
  • Social Advertising
Bayer Crop Science


Harvest time

After sowing comes the harvest, and so our strategy has brought the desired fruits..
The page's follower count grew quickly and we achieved relevant results in every aspect: impressions, reach and cost per click.

Today the community recognizes Bayer Crop Science as a model and a reference partner for truly innovative agriculture that is in step with the times and transformations. And for the brand, Facebook today represents one of the main traffic channels to the official website.

Bayer Crop Science
Bayer Crop Science
Bayer Crop Science
Bayer Crop Science

We are very satisfied with the results obtained on the Facebook page: a modern communication channel to update farmers not only on our activities, but also strategic in strengthening activities within the media mix.

Greta Pignata
Marketing Communication Head at Bayer Crop Science