For more than 20 years we have been helping brands grow and define their identity

From ambitious startups to global organizations, we help clients navigate and achieve their goals by guiding them through change.


Our name is CANENERO

Our name is CANENERO and since the beginning we have been accompanied by a black dog.

It represents us because it is small, like we were more than twenty years ago. A small dog but with a huge mouth, all teeth. We were tenacious, overly ambitious, hungry.

The dog's name is Robin. We have grown, and we have many stories to tell and a big mouth to make them go far.

Make Good Things

Make Good Things is our tagline and philosophy.

In its simplicity, it defines us and represents how we are and how we relate to people, within the team and with customers, in everyday life.

Just as a stone creates concentric circles in water, we believe that every good thing can trigger positive ripple effects, with a lasting impact on ourselves, our customers, and the whole society.

This philosophy comes from small habits and gestures that are never taken for granted. It means shifting the focus beyond the self, depending on the team and the quality of the work.

Doing well requires courage and audacity. It is our response to the complexity of the present, to the need for balance and strong values.

Make Good Things is our philosophy and it is also an invitation to share it.