A company born as a traditional company and evolved over time into a global brand, dedicated to creating spaces for people.


CANENERO supports Grottini, guiding it in a renewal process aimed at embracing a new culture and establishing itself as a unique brand with a humanistic vocation.


To respond to the needs of a 40-year-old company specialized in the construction of commercial and business spaces all over the world. To re-propose and rebuild yourself as a global brand, reposition yourself from a "retail producer" to a creator and implementer of places for people.


Through a brand auditing, we identified internal and external strengths and weaknesses. We then built an adequate Brand Strategy and transferred humanistic values into all company processes and "places". Finally, from the new identity outlined we started the repositioning.


Brand Building
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Governance
Digital Strategy
Creative Contents
Web Development
Social Media


Brand Essence

A brand with a humanistic soul is born.

A philosophy with deep humanistic roots gives rise to the new brand essence, which puts people and their relationship with places at the centre.
The places created by Grottini are made by people, through people and are intended for people, who by living them elevate their own human experience.

This philosophy fuels the culture of "WE is greater than ME" (WE > ME), where the union of intelligence and physicality becomes an absolute and distinctive value. It is this co-creation that is the basis of every project to give substance to the brand purpose.


  • Strategic Workshops
  • Brand Audit
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Values, Purpose, Vision, Mission, Philosophy
  • Positioning Statement
  • Brand Narrative

Brand Identity

Building a new visual identity

The new Brand Identity was born from the historic G of Grottini and is transformed into a brand mark built on an open circle, which represents Grottini's first place, where all people are invited to the co-creation process.

The choice of the new brand palette falls on the shades of green, the color of life and humanity. An unprecedented, dynamic visual language with (potentially) infinite possibilities comes to life from this brand mark.


  • Visual Language
  • Color and Type System
  • Graphic Elements
  • Brandbook

Brand Tagline

We Create Places Together

The brand tagline is the synthesis of Grottini's thoughts: creating spaces together, involving each person with their wealth of skills and knowledge.


Grottini creates with people and for people and the human factor is always at the centre, in all phases of the process.

Interno Marche
Grottini Grottini
Grottini Grottini
Grottini Grottini

The new brand was a protagonist at Euroshop, the international reference fair for the world of retail and its evolutions.

Digital Strategy and Website

Grottini Digital Place

We connected all digital touchpoints holistically, creating coherent communication capable of conveying the new essence of the Grottini brand.
Thanks to the digital implemented strategy, the audience was directed towards the Grottini site, the center of its digital ecosystem.


  • Digital Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Information architecture
  • User Interface (UI) design
  • Content integration
  • Website Development