Interno Marche.
A hotel, an experience, a cultural operation.

From a dream of Franco Moschini, historic president of Poltrona Frau, we have created a new brand for a hotel that is unique in the world.


Designing the identity and implementation of a hotel brand, in an area outside the usual tourist routes and flows.


As a strategic partner of the project, CANENERO developed a brand narrative that transformed Interno Marche into a real destination, thanks to a unique experience.


Brand Building
Creative Strategy
Digital Strategy
Web Development
Social media
Growth Marketing

Interno Marche Interno Marche
Interno Marche
Interno Marche

The project

Franco Moschini, the dream of a story

Everything comes from a place, a time, a vision. The patron, humanist and entrepreneur Franco Moschini decided to recover and give new life to Villa Gabrielli in Tolentino, a treasure in the heart of the Marche region.

The villa, a former factory and symbol of the socio-economic development of the city in the last century, has been renovated, and transformed into a hotel which preserves its soul and returns it to the community.

Franco Moschini sits on his Vanity Fair armchair inside Villa Gabrielli in a shot by Maurizio Galimberti, the symbolic image of the entire project.

Interno Marche

The Concept

The Designers' Hotel that hosts, celebrates, inspires.

30 rooms, 30 designers. Interno Marche dedicates each room to an international designer who has collaborated with Franco Moschini and his companies. With exclusive furnishings and original works, each room becomes a tribute to the creativity and vision of the great names in design.

“The Designers' Hotel” is the concept with which we have summarized and communicated the essence of this place, positioning it as a point of reference for an audience that operates or follows this world with passion.

Interno Marche
Interno Marche

The strategic approach

Designtelling: from language to connection

We chose the term Designtelling to “tell” the strategic approach with which we combined design and narration, with the aim of representing and involving in new and fascinating experiences.

From the inspiration phase, to booking, to the moment of your stay, we use the seductive language of design to create a connection between the destination and the people who experience it. Around the Interno Marche logo, designed at the beginning of the project by the CountryLab studio, we built the visual language of reference for all touchpoints.


  • Purpose and Vision
  • Positioning Statement
  • Strategic Narrative
  • Visual Language
  • Color and Type System
  • Graphic Elements
  • Brand Guidelines
Interno Marche
Interno Marche

The visual language, inspired by the aesthetics of the great design icons, transfers the essence and identity of the brand, creating a fascinating and memorable visual experience.

Interno Marche
Interno Marche
Interno Marche

Digital Strategy

The roadmap from the construction site to the web

The development times of our digital activities to stakeholders followed the understandably long ones of the building's restoration work. Through progressive releases of the website, we told the story of the evolution of the project to the community, the reference sectors, and the media.

Starting from an initial coaching phase, we supported and guided the client in the analysis of the scenario and in the definition of the product, to arrive at the sharing of a general medium-term strategy.

Once the launch was planned, the operational growth phase began, entrusted to a dedicated team, which follows the social media and growth marketing activities (ad campaigns, automation, funneling and email marketing).


  • Digital Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Digital Campaign
  • Startup Coaching
  • Growth Marketing
Interno Marche


Teamwork: client and agency

The Interno Marche website aims to combine typical accommodation booking methods with high-impact interactive paths dedicated to design.

We achieved this by activating a co-creation process between client managers and the agency teams. The idea-generation sessions allowed us to compare the various visions and perspectives, to then identify creative concepts and user experience solutions.


  • Strategic Workshops
  • Information architecture definition
  • User Interface (UI) design
  • Content integration
  • Website Development
Interno Marche

“Ours is a challenging project: a hotel created to tell stories of value linked to design and Made in Italy but also to make the most of the territory that hosts it. Not easy (but compelling!). CANENERO accompanied us from the beginning to communicate it in the best way: from the mood to the graphic design, from the delicate task of the copy, to the web project. With the plus of always having integrated and functional, tailor-made solutions. Interno Marche will open its doors in 2024, the best is yet to come...”

Carlo De Mattia
Interno Marche Design Management and Artistic Direction

Credits: videomaker Luca Giustozzi, foto Maurizio Galimberti

Interno Marche
Interno Marche
Interno Marche